Recipe: Colcannon

March 21, 2012

My family heritage—German, Irish, Swedish, and Russian—does little to explain my food preferences, which tend towards spicy, fresh, and acidic foods. I will never post a recipe for blutwurst (German blood sausage) on this blog, and while I have no problem using shrimp paste for Thai curries, I never intend to so much as be in the presence of an open can of surströmming—Swedish fermented herring that is apparently the smelliest food in the world.

German food is generally too heavy and greasy for my taste, and Swedish food, with the exception of surströmming I’m sure, is rather bland. I do love Ikea’s meatballs though! I’m not sure I’ve ever had authentic Russian food besides blini, or Russian crepes. The blini were good, but the person who made them—my Russian roommate—managed to turn me off to everything Russian when she threatened to send the Russian mafia after me. If you’ve seen the movie Eastern Promises, you know why that’s not a thrilling prospect.

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