Recipe: Chicken with “Molokheya”

February 21, 2012

In the Arab world, Egypt is known for its music and movies. In fact, Cairo was once called “Hollywood on the Nile.” The rest of the world associates Egypt with the Pyramids, and now, unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood. No one regards Egypt for its cuisine. Gastronomically speaking, Egypt is to the Middle East as Britain is to Europe.

This is not an entirely fair assessment, however. Egyptian food can actually be quite good, but it’s hard to find because Egypt doesn’t have a thriving restaurant culture. Most people eat at home, and while home-cooked food can be fantastic (my Egyptian friend’s mother is one of the best home cooks I know), restaurant food is not. That’s why I put together this incomprehensive guide to restaurants in Egypt, which is really just a list of my favorite things to eat there, in no particular order:

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